Often, I get asked what it’s like to be a published writer.  And, I always say, it’s amazing.  It’s thrilling to see your work in print.  The reason writers writes are many, but include to move people, to make people think, to place the reader in a situation or world that might be foreign or just to provide enjoyment to others.  And in order for that to happen, your work as a writer has to make it from your computer to some type of published format.

If you’re a writer, hopefully you’re always looking for opportunities to submit your work for publication.  If you have short stories, poems, or essays that you’ve written or have thought of writing; or if you’re an artist wanting to publish your art, I’d like you to think about submitting your work to the Pacific Review, a literary magazine published by California State University San Bernardino.  This journal publishes works by CSUSB students and faculty, but also works by writers from across the country.  I’ll be one of the editors for them this year, and I’d love to read your stories.  This is a perfect opportunity to get your work published and start building your resume of published works. 

If interested, visit the Pacific Review webpage for submission guidelines

A side note, although the deadline listed on this site is January 15, 2010, try to get your submission in as soon as possible to give readers like me the opportunity to work with you if something you turn in is “almost” there and simply needs some tweaking.  If you wait until close to the deadline, your work may simply get rejected, because there is no time to contact you have you revise.

Writing Dude